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At the stroke of midnight a couple of Wednesdays ago, with a demure pop, Column F came into existence. It all happened rather quickly. But then again, it all happened rather slowly:

Column F is a nascent news and views magazine with a radical left-wing perspective, which aims to showcase outstanding online writing talent.

Some time ago, a couple of friends, we kicked around the idea of creating a news website to provide informed and balanced coverage with our personal stamp. The glorious democratisation of journalism!

Yet with newer titles, Huffington Post, Truthout, Salon, contending an already crowded market with the more venerable, Guardian, Mother Jones, Haaretz (to name but a few of our favourites), we generally busied ourselves with forgetting the whole shooting match.

Occasionally our muse would pitch up for long enough to yield another numinous jewel of journalistic prowess, crushingly unappreciated by implacable editors’ hearts. The world continued to turn.

Jump forward to the here and now, cue a third kindred soul with some technical proficiency seeking collaboration on a website to arrest his slide into criminal despondency. A fourth musketeer found propped against a rose tree in gardens of the Tuileries reading a volume of Rimbaud and all at once we were off!

A word on our politics, if you are already poised to call us out for our egregious lack of diversity, we surrender to your patience. Our aim is to create an accessible, inclusive community. Authority of authorship is respected: we do not intend to grubby the cloths with dilettante hands, yet where possible, we will seek to give a platform to contributors who need not present a curriculum vitae to qualify.

We believe that a well expressed thought has the capacity to inspire. We are believers in liberalism as a force for social change. If we are able to contribute we will be humbled, if we can facilitate we will be fulfilled.

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