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Cristina Rossetti and the Twitter Trolls

Social media trolls

SANJOY BANERJEE I was six years old when I first read Christina’s Rossetti’s Hurt No Living Thing, first in class, then in front of parents in the school assembly. When Mrs Griffiths told everyone how I had only stumbled on…

Why Russians Think the Anti-Gay Law Is Right

Gay Rights cover

JONATHAN STROMBERG In May this year, fifty or so people took to the streets of Tblisi to celebrate an officially sanctioned Gay Pride day but were promptly forced to flee by a mob of several thousand people waving sticks and…

The Bechdel Test: Pass or Fail?

Bechdel test

DANIEL PALMER Swedish cinemas recently implemented a new system of film classification. But this system will not inform the viewer of extreme violence, explicit sexual content, obscene language or degrees of peril; it is designed to alert them to the…