Election Myths #4: “Jeremy Corbyn is a terrorist sympathiser.”


This is Tony Benn talking about the second Iraq War in 2003. I thought it was worth sharing because in the week since the MEN terrorist attack, coalition air strikes have killed 106 civilians in Al Mayadeen including 42 children. They have also killed 126 children in Mosul in Iraq, again this includes scores of women and children and finally they have also killed 35 mostly women and children in Deiz-ez-Zor province in Syria. [1]

Think about what happened in Manchester and how close we all felt to it. And think about Tony Benn’s words alongside it. We never seem to learn.

It’s not “soft” on terror to point out that indiscriminate military action simply increases the spiral of hate and is the best recruiting sergeant ISIS could want. ISIS operatives don’t spring from the hydra’s teeth. They are radicalised by evil people who know how to exploit our mistakes.

The man in the background of this video has been an ever-present during these debates, because he appears to genuinely take these things seriously. He has been accused of being “soft on terror” because he has voted against airstrikes or argued that anti-terror legislation should be subject to judicial oversight or because he has in the past helped to bridge the divide between different sides.

If we can’t open up a conversation about how best to defeat ISIS without being accused on being unpatriotic, I fear the cycle will never end.

[1] http://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/middle-east/isis-slaughter-men-syrian-towns-already-hit-us-air-strikes-un-civilians-terrorists-raqqa-deir-ezzor-a7757346.html

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