Introduction to the Column F Community


In our About Us we spoke a bit about how the Column F project got started. That was a couple of months ago and since then we have been overwhelmed by the interest we have had. It has been great to hear your views and opinions on the site and a pleasure to answers the many questions we have received. So much so it set us thinking.

We are launching the Column F Community formally today as a space where we hope you will contribute and feel part of the magazine and its development. But first we thought we ought to explain a bit more about who we are and what we are trying to do.

Editor in Chief: Sanjoy Banerjee
Founding Editors: Sanjoy Banerjee, Mark Russell, Raymond Finch, Jonathan Stromberg
Web Development: Mark Russell, Sanjoy Banerjee
Images and Media: Sanjoy Banerjee, Ian Molyneux
Written Content: As attributed

Column F at this time is not a registered business and has no revenue streams. The relatively few costs we have incurred thus far for web hosting and image content have been met by our own pockets. However, although we start small we are dreaming big. In time we want to develop into a fully fledged going concern as a web magazine with a broad range of contributors. As such, we consider ourselves to be in proof of concept. This consists of demonstrating that we can:

- Create an attractive website
- Generate a flow of independent content
- Engage an audience

With a mission statement as follows:

“Column F is a nascent news and views magazine with a radical left-wing perspective, which aims to showcase outstanding online writing talent. Watch this space!”

Note then that the purpose is twofold. We are good members of the left family and we are interested in providing a platform to good writing. Our politics is defined broadly and we welcome all writing that has merit and displays good critical thinking.

We also believe that ‘proof of concept’ is the time to welcome as many ideas as possible to shape how we develop and operate now and in the future. Many of these concern our ‘business model’. Is a ‘non-profit’ model possible or desirable? My own view at the present time is that a purely voluntary model is undesirable, a ‘non-profit’ model would be interesting and potentially possible, but that a profitable model, where profit is shared equitably would best reward effort and maximise our reach. I have no doubt however that many of you are in a better position to suggest and advise and we welcome your ideas.

We would also like to expand our current editorial team in order to drive content. As stated above, we are not in a position to pay contributors at this time, so this would have to be based on a desire to see Column F thrive. We welcome anyone who wishes to join the editorial team as section editor of any of the following sections. This may or may not include providing your own written content. Ultimately we welcome anyone who joins the team as a section editor to step-up to the full editorial team if committed, willing and able to help drive us forward.

Aid + Development
Art + Photography
Business + Economics
Disability + Accessibility
Education + Employment
Energy + Environment (Stephen Junor)
Gender + Sexuality (Carolina Drake)
Health + Medicine
Human Rights + Social Justice (Jonny Keyworth)
Labour + Unions (Liam Hill)
Law + Criminal Justice
Literature + Criticism
Politics + Policy
Race + Ethnicity
Religion + Philosophy (Ste Fleming)
Research + Academia
Science + Technology (Robert Sims)
Sport + Entertainment
Writing + Journalism

Finally, to reiterate our submissions page we are deeply committed to the Many Different Voices principle. We want a range of contributors that fully reflects the society in which we live and as such, we particularly welcome contributions from those who are currently under-represented in the project, including women, younger persons and those with some experience of economically disadvantaged backgrounds. We want and need as many people as possible who share our views and ambitions to help keep the project on the right road and to drive it forward.

Drop us a line if you would like to be a section editor. Or alternatively, please feel free to post your comments on any subject related to the Column F Community directly in this space or send your thoughts to contactus [at] columnf [dot] com if you would like us to use them as individual posts to generate further discussion.

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