Many Different Voices

“…all writing is a campaign against cliché. Not just clichés of the pen but clichés of the mind and clichés of the heart. When I dispraise, I am usually quoting clichés. When I praise, I am usually quoting the opposed qualities of freshness, energy and reverberation of voice.”

Martin Amis, The War Against Cliché (2000)

Column F aims to become the home for good writing on the web. We subscribe to Martin Amis’ view that good writing offers a new perspective or takes an old idea and expresses it in a fresh way.

Take a look around and if you feel adventurous then send us something you would like to see up on the site. We understand that you are at your best when you write with your own voice. If you like a piece, you are already half way there.

We regret that we that we cannot pay for submissions at this time but we hope you will share our enthusiasm for making Column F a place where creative talent can flourish.

To contact us with your thoughts, views, suggestions or submissions, please drop us a line at contactus [at] columnf [dot] com or at the relevant section as below:

Aid + Development (aid [dot] dev [at] columnf [dot] com)

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